Gift factory, as the name defines that we have been into the business of offering git option to the people. We have been offering our services in the premises of Brisbane. We make personalised beer glass, personalised birthday gifts, engraved beer mug and all the barrels in which you can gift a good wine or beer to the valuable person in your life. The concept of customisation has taken our business to the next level. We have multiple option for all kind of people. There are less people who have been offering this option to the customers.

The Reasons:
There are many things that make us different from the rest of the companies who have been into the same business. But people like to choose us for different occasions like birthday, wedding, formals events etc. The reasons of picking us are mentioned below.

The prices that we have set for our customers is mind blowing. None other company has been offering this much prices to the customers. We also make packages if someone buys us in bulk quantity. Our prices are pocket friendly.

We make mugs, barrels and glass for different occasions. This option made us superior from the rest of the people. Clients come to us and tell us their requirements. We make them orders as per their desires and wishes. We provide them with multiple options. We give them option to have their name, pictures, date or anything engraved on a piece which they have selected.

The quality that we have been selling is comparatively good. We justify the quality as per the prices. We never compromise on the quality as we know that customers give them to other people in the form of gifts or souvenir. So, basically, we have been representing our country and our brand name. So, we have to maintain the quality in all the possible manner.

Timely Delivery:
We never keep our customers run after us. We know that these gifts need be in their hand before time. So, we make sure to deliver them as per the committed date. Otherwise, people would spread negative words of mouth which is not good for our reputation.

Customer Care:
Sometimes, people come us and they are very confused as to which product to choose. So, our internal customers who are experienced and kind enough to guide the customers in choosing the best option for them.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to buy a gift for an upcoming birthday of your friend then call us now and book your order before the day of birthday comes.

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