Knowledge and skill development is very important to improve the quality of life. Other than engaging in day-to-day routine work, such as going to school or college, attending work and returning home to relax only to restart everything in the same way tomorrow, there are so many extracurricular activities people take part in. One of the things we can do to keep life interesting is to have a hobby.

Various types of hobbies

A hobby is something that you engage in, in your free time. But it must be given attention as well as your efforts to make it a successful endeavor. Because, for example, anyone can say that they are collecting stamps as a hobby but when you are ask “so how many stamps do you have in your collection now” and they say “actually not that much, I didn’t have time to look into collecting them”, that means the hobby is just there for the namesake. Similarly if you’re interested in chess, you must at least have the game with you in the computer; if you love horse riding, you have to at leastown a great womens riding jacket, take riding lessons, maybe own a horse and so on.

Why a hobby?

From the school times, we are advised to have a hobby. Why is it given such an importance? As mentioned before people cannot just have a monotone life. A hobby will add something more to it. It can also make you go out, have friends, learn many things and be known in the society as a person of interest. In addition, a hobby can make you collect more information about something specific or about life in general. Sometimes, people who started something as a hobby, have turned out to make it a real business, making it their livelihood. For example people who are bakers -making truly astonishing cake designs and other confectionery items or seamstresses and fashion designers who can come up with beautiful dresses and so on. It is said that you will not tire when you are doing what you love as a job; a hobby can direct you towards that pathway.

Spend or earn?

Sometimes people are reluctant to take up a hobby because they assume it will take cost more than they are ready to dispense. Something like womens equestrian clothing will cost you somewhat more if you are into horse riding; however if you start a hobby like collecting coins, watching documentaries about space or even simply reading -which is one of the most inexpensive hobbies in the world today- you can collect knowledge as well as enjoy what you are doing without spending much. You can influence the junior generation also to take up a hobby and gain more knowledge and skills to become a better person.Ask yourself what you are doing as a hobby. Is it something worthwhile?

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